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Home Energy Solutions

Are you ready to increase your home’s energy efficiency and all-around comfort and safety? Let Mill City Energy energy experts help you determine where you can make home improvements for a substantial transformation. It’s certain that your home quality will increase while your bills will decrease. Our expertise, customer service, and eye for detail are second to none.

Mill City Energy provides home energy improvement solutions at affordable costs for New Hampshire residents.


Home Energy Audits

Mill City Energy understands that every home is unique. That’s why we offer different levels of energy audits. You can choose from a basic, upgraded or premium audit. Contact us today to find out out what the differences between each level.

Home Energy Improvement

Mill City Energy offers a range of home energy improvement services including ENERGY STAR rated appliances and services to fit your home’s needs. We’ll work together in assessing and determining what needs to be done to improve your home’s energy.

Consultation Services

Mill City Energy consultants will conduct an energy assessment to evaluate your home energy efficiency levels. We run state of the art diagnostic tests to determine if home enery project is a good fit. We recommend projects and tips on what you can do now and in the future.

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